Cry for help: U.S. National Parks Service hates dogs, breaks law


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  1. darntonviolins

    Quite a few people seem to be dragging their personal problems into this, while ignoring the fact that this is not about dogs; it's about process and the government following existing law, not making it up on the fly. If they were deciding something you cared about in this manner you'd be howling, but since they're enforcing your particular prejudice, you're applauding their abuse of the law. Shame on you, all of you who are taking that side.

    Looking at YOU, Bistroqs, for a start.

  2. Sabandija

    The only possible solution is to have a "dog day",

    saturdays dogs are banned, and everyone else can jog, take pictures, have a picnic or whatever they want without being pestered/peed/bitten by unleashed dogs.

    sundays dogs are allowed to roam free, sniff their butts bite their tails off, eat poop and all that disgusting stuff they enjoy.

  3. Stephen_Sayad

    Advise people to carry around the decision in United States v. Barley, et al. You can find the published decision at It is also available on the Ocean Beach DOG website. If you confront the Rangers and Park Police with knowledge of the law, they will back down.

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  4. cavlulh

    Lolipop Jones, This is a dream that most people would envy, For myself and Our Dog Goldie and I are happy with the 50 acres of Fort Funston because urban living is where were at with 100,000 other Dogs and their Guardians. Goldie is an Older Stafordshire Terrier we rescued three years ago because we know from personal experience how dogs and feral cats ( Oh a cat without a license in San Mateo is considered a feral cat) end up in these over filled shelters with folks looking mainly for a young dog or kitten they can bring into there family and this makes it hard to place dogs at risk from being euthanized. If we had your acreage we would have cats and dogs living the life of Riley.

    But We are in the San Francisco Bay Area a highly populated dense living space.

    When the City of San Francisco deeded over the lands in 1975 now controlled by the GGNRA there was a MOU that recognized the need for expansion for further recreation and one of these was The Resource of Recreational Dog Walking in and Urban Environment was and still is a mainstay. So Much was this considered important, all Stake Holders in 1979 put together a Pet Policy plan that was agreed by all stake holders and is the 1979 Pet Policy, which is still in effect.

    Now we move forward and in 2006-2007 The GGNRA did not do any monitoring reports or Site Specific Peer Review Studies before the GGNRA introduced Negotiated Rule-Making , but here is where the first illegal step was made. the GGNRA did not do any type of monitoring or the site specific peer reviews that are required before the GGNRA can jump ahead to Negotiated Rule Making the Ocean Beach Dog Walkers Group has done extensive research on this topic and if you are really interested in the Recreational Resource of Off Leash Dog Walking

    I invite you to got to to read about Negotiated Rule Making

    Keep this in mind right now, Off Leash Dog Parks in the GGNRA represent 1% of the more than 80,000 acres that the GGNRA controls and when the GGNRA was reminded by Congress in 1972 that they should prepare for higher usage in this urban environment. What they have done is drawn a plan to take the Recreational Resource Areas for dog walking and cut 90% of the 1% of the available Off Leash Dog Space...

    Take a look at the Fort Funston map if the GGNRA preferred plan is passed.

    Thank you all and this is about the Dogs, maybe some of you have not made the connection yet to how special a dog being able to run in an open space like Fort Funston is, I hope that this opportunity remains open for future dogs and their guardians.....I had not had a dog in 40 years now Goldie is a big part of our lives just as this whole Off Leash Dog recreation is for our health and our dog Goldie's health which is a Recognized Recreational Resource in the GGNRA/NPS/DOI 1972 Congressional Enableing Act that created the GGNRA.

    Tom & Goldie (14)

    Members of Ocean Beach Dog at Fort Funston smile

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