How the fight against gay marriage fizzled


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  1. Cowicide

    People aren't racists because they are insecure of their own race.

    So in your quest to appose generalizations, you posit your own. Very telling that you went that route.

    Many racists are angry racists because they are insecure in themselves, some are racist simply because their brains are fuck-wired, some are racist because of a lack of exposure to other cultures, etc. - many because of all of the above and then some...

    Look, if you can't see the pattern with closeted, self-loathing, conservative, homophobic homosexuals that destructively obsess over "the gays", you're just fooling yourself like many of them are.

    Maybe direct more of your concern for all the suicides of gay kids, etc. that result from this situation, than for the hypocritical scumbags that push them to this brink?

    Our pandering to conservatives with mental problems has led us down all kinds of destructive paths including rampant homophobia, wars based upon lies, terrible poverty, gargantuan wealth disparity and a global climate running off the rails.

    Maybe it's time we stopped pandering to the massively destructive, conservative lunatic fringe, shame them, put them aside and focus on the work we need to do before yet another gay kid turns to suicide, we feed the 0.01 percent another war or cold war, further throw away our dwindling middle class into poverty and sit on our fucking hands while we leave future generations a fucked environment?

    Pandering to these assholes has been incredibly destructive to society at large. It's well beyond time for a new direction.

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