This Day in Blogging History: Grandma Got STEM; New Zealand's stupid copyright law dies; Mikroman

One year ago today
Grandmothers who are brilliant at technology: "Grandma Got STEM" profiles grandmothers who have accomplished marvellous feats of technology, and aims to drive a stake through the heart of stupid, thoughtless phrases like "How would you explain that to your grandmother?" or "So simple my grandma could do it."

Five years ago today
New Zealand's stupid copyright law dies: A law that would cost you your Internet connection if you were accused of copyright infringement three times (without proof of any wrongdoing) is officially dead. Massive, global interest in the law, as well as a series of savvy Internet- and meatspace-protests convinced the government to climb down off the ledge that the American movie and music companies had lured it onto.

Ten years ago today
Mikroman: 150-micron-thick slices of theater: Using a chemical milling process borrowed from the electronics industry, the Brit product designer acid-etches detailed scenes onto 150-micron-thick slices of stainless steel.