Artist and SFX studio create creepy animatronic erotic dancer

Artist Jordan Wolfson collaborated with animatronics studio Spectral Motion to create this artwork, currently on display at David Zwirner Gallery in New York City. Integrated sensors give the artwork an, er, interactive component. Full credits here. And you can see another clip of it here. (Thanks, Karen Marcelo!)

Notable Replies

  1. Whoa. Eros just got a headache and remembered he needed to be somewhere else.

  2. If you stick a five-dollar bill in her G-string, make sure it's one with the animatronic version of Lincoln on it.

  3. Everyone remembers that Arthur C. Clarke predicted the communications satellite. Everyone forgets that he also suggested one of the first major applications for it would be broadcast porn.

    I'm not sure whether I find this creepy or not. But that may be because I've very aware that I'm riding around in an ape who has his own reactions and opinions despite being fairly well domesticated. It's less surprising that we react to this than that we can react to a few colors and lines in a sketch or animation.

    I understand why they're operating her off a boom through the mirror, but it would have been a nice additional gag if she could have been suspended marionette-style.

  4. Someone seems a bit unclear on the concept of pole dancing.

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