Bell Bullitt TT: first impression helmet review


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  1. Scrub

    I've got no need for a motorcycle helmet, but I still want this.

  2. cstatman

    im concerned why it is not Snell rated, but not too concerned.

    What is the difference between a $300 helmet and a $900
    helmet? if it is DOT and SNELL? comfort. amenities.

    If it passes both safety ratings, it will protect you the same. the price difference is for lighter shell materials, more comfortable liner, and in some cases? stupid graphics.

    but comfort is what you pay more for. equally rated? 900 provides same safety as 300 helmet.

    Bell has come a long way recently (even though outsourced to china)
    I'm also a fan of Scorpion, (china) but same price/performance point.

    For years, I would only race in Shoei, but when the prices went over $800? I started looking around. I have utilized a Scorpion at ~ 97mph+ Buttonwillow raceway, unintended track exit. It worked GREAT

    The important thing to remember with helmets? just like underwear, you should replace them regularly about every 3 years. and anytime they are dropped.

    there is some really good info on the SnellFAQ page - if you are really interested.

    And remember kids, wearing helmets is something you should DO, but it still should be a choice. not a law. (carrying insurance? taking proper training? now that should be a law)

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