Danish travel company offers "ovulation discount" for couples, rewards if you conceive on holiday

Spies Travels, a Danish travel agency, have conceived of a promotion to help reverse Denmark's plummeting birthrate. They're offering a discount for couples who travel during one partner's ovulation period, and if you can subsequently prove that you conceived a child on the trip, they'll give you three years' worth of baby-stuff and a family holiday.

Do it for Denmark! (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

Notable Replies

  1. Dane 1: So uh... they say the national birth rate is dropping.
    Dane 2: Mmm.
    Dane 1: Like, uh... it's actually a substantial amount.
    Dane 2: Mmm.
    Dane 1: We should do something to get people to procreate more.
    Dane 2: Hmm? ...why, exactly?
    Dane 1: Because if we don't, people will immigrate here!
    Dane 2: Oh, Lort! That means we'll have foreigners moving here! Quick, get me some viagra!

  2. if all the ladies are that hot, send me a ticket I'll be right over

  3. I appreciate the nod at the end to the barren and gays. Everyone deserves a holiday, even if they can't win a shit ton of diapers.

    If they want more people there, just open the doors to me. I'll go without calling dibs on any of their women, hot or ugly.

  4. Indeed. It isn't like the planet is running short of humans to fill the available seats. It's just that a large proportion of them aren't white.

    That said, I doubt the travel agency thought that far - they are just choosing something risque to get headlines. It is very unlikely they are some kind of crypto-race haters.

    If I took advantage of the deal, would they be mad if they found out I am snipped later?

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