Resume in the form of a custom Lego figure

Leah is looking for a job at a creative agency, so she created a Lego figure of herself and boxed it up as a resume in the form of a custom kit. She made two of them, and used the instructions for building the fig as a means of highlighting her creative credentials. It's a pretty lovely piece of work -- I hope she gets a job!

I made custom instructions that highlight my skills throughout the build, but because it has multiple pages I didn't take a picture. I then created a simple package design for the set with my extremely basic graphic design "skills". I've only made two sets so far, this is really only for agencies that are dream opportunities, but I tried to customize each one based on the agency's branding and colors. One agency specifically requested a persuasive advertisement, so I made an 11x17 poster to "advertise" my miniscale me as well as my skills!

LEGO Miniscale Resume (via Super Punch)

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  1. Quite clever, but shouldn't she have used Goldie Blox?

  2. dobby says:

    Leah, you are hired! Skip the intern and take a management slot, we need people like you!
    As for Goldie Blox, I always feel weird about girl/boy specific toys, my wife, my sister, and sister-in-law all loved classic 'no guns, generic smile face' Legos, nobody told them they were boy toys. Now my daughter came from a pepto pink dimension where everyone wears princess gowns, her choice our surprise, so I guess I am glad they have for her tastes. It still makes me feel weird that the people in 'girl' Lego sets are all slender and not squatty block people like we all played with, I am also not so happy that they have every star wars personality from every novel and comic book complete with the weapons I would have traded anything for. Am I old thinking that this branded TV/movie tie in of Lego trying to fight for a market with generic no-name bricks is damaging the creativity that made Lego such a smart toy in my time?

  3. Best of luck to her. I always wonder when I see these novelty resumes whether they work or not. Guess you only need it to work once.

  4. I was going through the job hunt game last summer and I learned that these days most resumes do not make it through the auto-screen software. That's why I wonder about these novelty resumes - they assume a person reads them, which seems to be pretty rare.

    From what I can tell from a basic knowledge of search engine technology, the tech in these HR tools is a big pile of suck. But the HR people have no idea that their tool is basically arbitrary and does not generate the best resumes for the job they need to fill. What they do know is that the search engine takes a big unmanageable electronic glob of resumes and spits out a small, manageable number, which appear to be more or less relevant to the job they advertised.

    It's frustrating for job seekers because with no rhyme or reason to the screening software, there is no way to know if anyone ever sees your resume.

    I have better than average skill at formatting things for business use and used to rely on my slick looking resume to get me in the door, but last summer I used a text resume with very little formatting to feed to the very dumb machines. Then I had a nicer one on my website and linked in that a hiring machine could download and print.

  5. How utterly depressing that people have to go to such lengths just to get an unpaid internship. We should be asking what the fuck is wrong with the job market rather than applauding her.

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