This Day in Blogging History: DC's liberated municipal codes; Game-design lessons from Disneyland; Blogger-read audiobook of Lessig's FREE CULTURE

One year ago today
Municipal codes of DC, free for all -- liberated without permission: I was lucky enough to get another one of rogue archivist Carl Malamud's boxes of awesome. It's a copy of the municipal codes of DC, which are laws that you're required to follow, but aren't allowed to see without paying.

Five years ago today
Game-design lessons from Disneyland: An outstanding talk on the lessons for level design to be had in the design of Disneyland. It was presented by Scott Rogers, Creative Manager at THQ in Los Angeles, who taught himself level design for Pac Man World by thinking about the experiences he'd had on many visits to Disneyland.

Ten years ago today
Producing a blogger-read audio of Lessig's book: Lessig's new book Free Culture is available online as a gratis, Creative-Commons-licensed file, under terms that allow for the creation of derivative works. AKMA has proposed a hell of a derivative work: he's inviting any blogger who cares to to read a chapter aloud, recording it and posting it, so that a distributed audiobook of the book will be produced.