Nikon D4S boasts 409,600 ISO

With an ISO rating so high you may need a Neutral Density filter with the lens cap still on, the new Nikon D4S can take photographs of yesterday. From their promotional material: "up to ISO 25,600 (expandable to a mind-boggling ISO 409,600 equivalent at Hi4)" I don't know when I'd need this?

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  1. I don't know when I'd need this?

    Super closed F-stop to get starburst effects on the lights at a concert?

    bout all I got besides possibly looking into the darkness of Dick Cheney's soul...

  2. ISO is the acronym for Intense Sunlight Orientation and it measures just how little sunlight, or light, the camera needs to take a photo. The higher the ISO the less light needed. So with an ISO of 409,600 means that it can be 409,600 times darker than high noon in Greenwich during the Vernal equinox and still take a photo of a bunny.

  3. mocon says:

    Is 409,600 sensitive enough to capture Spinal Tap's album cover?

    (And the answer is none. None more black.)

  4. ISO 409,600 would be useful in the dark of Cthulhu's digestive tract?

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