This Day in Blogging History: Mr Unpronounceable Adventures; Hackerspaces around the world; Should the UN run the Internet?

One year ago today
Mr Unpronounceable Adventures, spectacularly weird graphic novel in a Lovecraftian/Burroughsian vein: Mr Unpronounceable Adventures is a book of comics by New Zealand surrealist artist Tim Molloy in a Lovecraftian vein. But that only scratches the surface here. Molloy is incredibly fucking weird, and not always in a funny-ha-ha way.

Five years ago today
Hackerspaces around the world: Wired's Dylan Tweney has a great piece up on the world's burgeoning crop of Hacker Spaces.

Ten years ago today
Declan: Should the UN run the Internet? That question follows the conclusion of a two-day U.N. summit last week, in which delegates from sundry countries such as Cuba, Ghana, Bolivia and Venezula lectured North American, Asian and European countries about how best to run the Internet.