Mentos + Coke + Nutella + Condoms = Bellissimo Esplosione (video)

This, more or less, is what Magic Mille (milleaccendini) is doing in this video:

We’re gonna use a condom, but this time it’s gonna be mango-flavored. Let’s start. First thing: let’s take some Nutella and put it on the top of the bottle, creating some kind of Nutella cap that will be fundamental for the Nutella-Coke-Mentos reaction. Good, now we open our condom and we put Mentos in it. Not just one, two or three, but five Mentos, since we found out during previous experiments that 5 is the best quantity of Mentos in terms of maximum reaction. Now we’re going to seal everything with some tape. Perfect: Nutella, Mentos… now we’re gonna let the Mentos drop on top of the Nutella, and that’s enough for… and here’s the reaction!

Stick around for the climax, folks.

Notable Replies

  1. First time I've seen a guy happy about a broken condom.

  2. Wow, I would've thought that could only happen in America.

    ITALIA!!!!!      ITALIA!!!!!!

  3. I appreciate the English translation, but it sounds so much more awesome in Italian.

  4. Nutella: the strength of steel, the flexibility of rubber, and the nutritional value of beef stew.

  5. Just like sex.

    You already assume you know what's going to happen from the start, there's an inordinate amount of fiddling with the condom, things pop before you are truly ready, and it winds up with a big mess nobody wants to clean up.

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