Camille Rose Garcia paints the dreamy dance of death

Ghostmothserenade sml

"Ghost Moth Serenade" (acrylic and glitter on wood, 36″ x 48″)

Camille Rose Garcia, painter of absinthe dreams, surreal fairy tales, and enchanting trips down the rabbit hole, has a show of new work opening tomorrow night, April 3, at Seattle's Roq La Rue Gallery. Garcia's influences range from dark children's books to the cut-ups of William Burroughs and Brion Gysin to the deepest crevices of Disney. Her new exhibition, titled "La Danse Macabre," will hang at the Roq until April 26th along with work by Canadian painter Peter Ferguson's black comedy narrative paintings. Camille paints the phantasmagoric dreamscapes that I yearn to visit while I'm asleep, and awake. Immerse yourselves in her art below. For more of Camille's work, I highly recommend her stunning illustrated versions of Snow White and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Constanthaunting sml

"Constant Haunting of My Teeth" (acrylic and glitter on wood, 24" x 36")

LaDanceMacabreMolar sml

"La Danse Macabre Molar" (acrylic and glitter on wood, 24" x 36")

Polillafantasma sml

"Escape of Palilla Fantasma" (acrylic and glitter on wood, 24" x 24")

Thepainedembraceofloveanddeath sml

"The Painted Embrace of Love and Death" (acrylic and glitter on wood, 12" x 12")

Tillthesunturnsblack sml

"Till The Sun Turns Black" (acrylic and glitter on wood, 12" x 12")

Vulturamacabre sml

"Serenade De La Vultura Macabre" (acrylic and glitter on wood, 24" x 24")

Youarethephantom sml

"You Are The Phantom" (acrylic and glitter on wood, 12" x 12")

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  1. I really like the work, but I'm often surprised by how prevalent this 'look' is in pop-surrealism. the kind of 'Hi-Fructose' aesthetic. especially when you get into the portraits of forlorn big-eyed ennui-faced girls, a look spearheaded by Audrey Kawasaki.

  2. pesco says:

    If you're talking about pop art paintings of females with exaggeratedly oversized eyes, this is a style that goes back through the pre-history of pop surrealism. Do a Google search for Keane paintings.

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