This Day in Blogging History: Deus Ex Arca; London cops beating up G20 protesters; Reuters email-an-article-TOS

One year ago today
Deus Ex Arca: apocalyptic, absurdist science fiction about a box that does anything and everything: A beautifully told, absurdist science fiction story about a terrible, wonderful box, by Desirina Boskovich.

Five years ago today
London cops beating the shit out of peaceful G20 demonstrators: Peaceful G20 protestors who are holding their arms in the air, chanting, "This is not a riot." Look familiar? It's what the British cops did at the last Climate Camp, too.

Ten years ago today
Reuters email-an-article-TOS: After you fill in the usual info, there is a line that says I confirm that I have the recipient's consent to provide their email address for this purpose, followed by Send and Cancel.