Video of bison running out of Yellowstone ≠ "OMG supervolcano eruption"

[Video Link] There's a video going around that shows a long line of bison trotting down a road in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park. Some people are pointing to this as a sign that the animals are hightailing it out of the park because the Yellowstone volcano is about to blow its top. But in the video above, Yellowstone Park Public Affairs Chief Al Nash explains that the bison and other animals are simply migrating to a lower elevation where they can find food, which they do every year in the dead of winter.

My takeaway from this video was a reminder that I have a box of mouth-watering Bison Bacon Cranberry Bars in my kitchen cabinet.

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  1. So wait... does this mean migrating birds aren't evidence of a coming Biblical flood? wink

  2. Only if they're heading for an ocean cruise liner in pairs. Or in groups of seven if they happen to be "clean".

  3. Old says:

    Not a single buffalo was to be found on the Japanese coastline just before the Tohuku quake in 2011. Coincidence or conspiracy?

  4. UPDATE: The bison have heard there is such a thing as Bison Bacon Cranberry Bars; they have turned around and are retreating to the high country.

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