This Day in Blogging History: Ebert RIP; URL shorteners suck; Ripping off workers by doctoring digital timeclocks

One year ago today
Roger Ebert, 1942–2013: Roger Ebert, the legendary film critic, died today.

Five years ago today
Why URL shorteners suck: Delicious founder Joshua Schachter says that URL shorteners like TinyURL are a bad idea, because they make the web more fragile, dependent on the shortener services as central points of failure. They also assist spammers, undermine googlejuice, and expose users to security vulnerabilities.

Ten years ago today
Digital timeclocks being doctored by chain-store managers: Mr. Pooters, a father of five who left the Air Force in 1997 for a career in retailing, talks with disgust about photocopied Toys "R" Us records that he said showed how his manager made it appear that he had clocked out much earlier than he had.