Why did armed officers raid a strip club and take photos?


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  1. DowntonCrabby

    "demanding sexual favors from women he pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving." Otherwise known as sexual assault or rape...

  2. aikimo

    What is the "broader narrative" from a story about cops using bureaucratic excuses to raid strip clubs and take pictures of the women there?

    Reason is frequently more reasonable - and liberal - on issues of civil rights, criminal justice, and foreign policy than the leaders of the Democratic party. I disagree with them on other positions they hold regarding the proper role of government in society, but that doesn't mean they deserve to be ignored on all issues or that their philosophies should be grossly misrepresented.

  3. dacree

    It somehow seems worse than sexual assault when it's a cop with a gun and the power to get paid vacation if he decides to kill you.

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