17-year-old plays side two of Abbey Road with various instruments

[Video Link] 17-year-old Dylan Gardner says: "In honor of the Beatles breakup on April 10, 1970, I decided to cover the entire second side of their last album, Abbey Road, with different instruments for 15-second intervals. Abbey Road has always stuck with me as an incredible ending note for a great career that the Beatles have put together. It's just me around the house having a blast covering my heroes!"

I asked Dylan how he made these videos (which will appear on his Instagram feed). He answered: "The Beatles have been such a huge part of my musical upbringing, so I couldn't think of a better afternoon than stealing my parents' new video camera and running around my empty house covering the better side of Abbey Road in Instagram-sized videos. I'd tie a zip tie around the camera to hold angles as I grabbed as many miscellaneous instruments as I could. I made a mess of the house, but the bright side is this isn't the last time I'll do that..."

Dylan's debut album, Adventures in Real Time is set to be released on May 13th.

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  1. It was the last Beatles album to be recorded. The Beatles began work on let it be before Abbey Road but did not finish the album, it was scrapped and later "saved" by remixing from the unfinished sessions after the Beatles broke up.

  2. True that. I'm actually mad I never imagined how cool She came in through the bathroom window could sound with an ukelele.

  3. Yo dawg, I'mma let you finish, but dismissing music other than your favorite as not being "real" is kind of elitist, even if it turns out you're "just joking".

    Go broaden your horizons - listen to something you'd normally never listen to, like some traditional Japanese Enka; or some of the many shades of South African Zef hip hop; or the irresistable insanity of Gypsy Punk; or the haunting ferocity of traditional Faroese vocals; or the addictive electronic stuttering of Glitch; or any of countless genre-defying examples of what I can only refer to as "The Living-Retro"; or maybe just take a ride on the weird side of youtube.

    The Beatles are great, but sticking them on a pedestal and worshipping at their feet only blinds you to the thousands and thousands of amazing artists out there, just waiting to be discovered.

    So remember... Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time…one of the best videos of all time!

  4. I'm confused. Are you trying to excuse narrowmindedness in the present by claiming that everyone inevitably becomes equally narrowminded in their eventual futures?

    See, that's a self fulfilling prophecy that only works if we listen to your argument. wink

  5. kbert says:

    Seems I'm having this conversation way too regularly.
    I just turned 61 and I'm more blown away with the quality and variety of today's music than I've ever been. I vowed in my early 20's to do my best at staying current with the music of the day... not the top 40 hits, but the music on the street or being shared on cassette and then CD, and now!~!! It's been rough, at times; but so worth it.
    It's all in your attitude, old man; you'll be(come) a codger only if it's who you are.
    Who DO you want to be?
    Dare you BE that person?
    Take the leap, it's never too late!
    As for the music, all you gotta do is ask and open your ears & mind.

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