Condoleezza Rice, surveillance and torture fan, joins Dropbox board

You don't need Mike Judge to remind you how dumb the valley is. Buried on page 3 of a Businessweek story by Brad Stone and Ari Levy, via Sam Biddle at Valleywag:

Dropbox has also added a prominent fourth member to a board of directors that Houston has until now kept small—Condoleezza Rice. The former secretary of state’s consulting firm, RiceHadleyGates, has been advising the startup on management issues for the last year. Now she’ll help the company think about such matters as international expansion and privacy, an issue that dogs every cloud company in the age of Edward Snowden and the NSA. “As a country, we are having a great national conversation and debate about exactly how to manage privacy concerns,” Rice says about her new position. “I look forward to helping Dropbox navigate it.”

Rice joining Dropbox is the insult, not the injury, which is in the firm's DNA: customer privacy as a feature, not a principle.

Notable Replies

  1. People don't deserve jobs that their politics explicitly make them dangerously terrible at. Someone who opposes gay rights shouldn't be an HR manager, someone who doesn't believe in climate change shouldn't be an environmental director, and someone who supports unlimited government surveillance shouldn't be in charge of a privacy-sensitive online storage service.

    No one's saying these guys can't be lawyers or bankers or doctors. They just shouldn't be things that they proudly suck at.

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