US to Angela Merkel: no, you can't see your NSA file but we promise we aren't spying on you anymore

Photo: Reuters

The US is refusing to allow German chancellor Angela Merkel to see her NSA file, or obtain any answers to questions from Germany about US surveillance activities involving the European leader's communications. She is due to visit Washington and meet Barack Obama in three weeks. It will be her first visit to the American capital since documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden showed the NSA had been spying on her phone.

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  1. Ya, they aren't very responsive... I put in a request to get copies of some accidentally deleted emails and haven't heard back yet.

  2. Pretty much the only response to ANYTHING that America wants should be: Leck mich im Arsch.

  3. Meanwhile, the NSA was exploiting Heartbleed:

    It's extremely likely if you use the Internet (at all), it's time for you to start changing your passwords:

  4. Old says:

    Well this only seems fair; they won't let Obama see his file either.

  5. KarlS says:

    America has allies the same way Rome did.

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