Awesomely bad Bollywood musical number and Kraftwerk ripoff: 'Yoga' (1983)

Where to begin. This is my kind of yoga. Video Link. From the 1983 film HAADSAA. [HT: Carl Hamm]

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  1. where to begin indeed. the mix of languages really made it hard for me to follow, but aside from that, i was really wanting to know the setup to this number. why was he going in, who was he looking for/hiding from, etc etc. all in all, this is a hilarious start to my friday. thanks, xeni!

  2. Since I seem to be on a roll here at BB about men's fashion....what's with the belt on a yoga outfit? Masculinity FTW, amirite?

    This clip is an excellent reminder that producing >1 movie/day (India has the most prolific film production in the world) means a lot of what gets put out isn't so great.

    At least this was 1983, not 2013.

  3. From Kraftwerk's "Das Model." I nominate Kraftwerk for the most ripped-off band of all time.

  4. I'm pretty sure the speech was dubbed, which is never good. But they couldn't dub the song, so it's Babel.

  5. no, i knew that. but just their accents combined with the switching between dubbed and not made it too much for my morning, pre-coffee brain to process.

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