Homebrew syringe hydraulic excavator

Here's a video of a young Brazilian man demonstrating justified pride and palpable pleasure as he puts his homebrew excavator, powered by syringe hydraulics, through its paces. Here's an Instructables post that takes you through building an ambitious syringe-hydraulics robot -- full of good ideas for your own syringe hydraulic projects.

Boy Makes DIY Excavator with Syringe Hydraulics (via Geekologie)

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  1. Stop this kind of thing! Won't someone think of the children!

    That is a cool bit of kit though.

  2. Good Job! Looks like he made the whole thing from parts he found. I'm glad he got some recognition. The poverty he lives in a stifling beast that can suck the soul and body dry. Hopefully if he gets a shot at education he will rise up from some of that. And as he moves up perhaps he can carry some others with him. I'd invest in him.

  3. SWEET. Syringe hydraulics are all kinds of fun and I recommend everyone try it out.

    Anecdote: in my podunk high school the shop teacher basically got the dregs of funding so couldn't afford much and essentially tooled the shop out of pocket, and much of the building materials available to us were taken from supply store dumpsters.

    His med-industry daughter told him of a delivery of mislabeled syringes, and thus was a box of umpteen tubes & plungers delivered unto us with yard upon yard of discarded aquarium tubing, and we were told to "build a Rube Goldbergian stacking robot".

    The task was to stack as many plywood discs as possible, these being about the shape of a hockey puck in half the volume. My geeky little team won, with thirty-odd discs stacked.

    That was also the year my little group built a trebuchet in the school's back property, and to give a size of scale, the fulcrum was a torched-off bit truck tractor axle. All the other groups had built trebuchets as well, but of the softball-flinging scale. On field day, we flung everybody else's trebuchets across the field.

    I don't figure any of that would happen in today's public school zeitgeist.

  4. I made these robot arms in my shop class in Jr. High, 1991. They are pretty satisfying!

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