A visit to a legal recreational marijuana store


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  1. Ambiguity

    where one could purchase both Grateful Dead teddy bear T-shirts and the substances necessary to make those shirts seem cool.

    Do they even grow weed that strong?

  2. jonnyG

    I look forward to visiting one of these places, in my home state, some day. Yes, cannabis has been branded as countercultural, due to its illegality. And that will fade somewhat as it becomes yet another herb one can legally purchase, a la St. John's Wart and other medicinal herbs. If that's what it takes to stop wasting money and lives as happens under the current prohibition regime, great, gimme some of that uncool legal cannabis.

  3. jeffreyrodman

    Terrapin's website http://www.terrapincarestation.com is much more entertaining than it seems their physical space is. The menu page is filled with highly readable specimens of serious connoisseurship. "Church," for example, sounds like quite the journey: "The high starts off fairly stony, with a strong body buzz, that slowly climbs up your spine and into your head and ends on a very cerebral, heady note."

  4. Ambiguity

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