'Blood moon' lunar eclipse may or may not signal end times; watch it online with NASA tonight

Image: mreclipse.com, via NASA.gov

Stay up tonight online to watch an awesome lunar eclipse with our astronomer pals at NASA:

Spring is here and ready to capture the world's attention with a total lunar eclipse. The eclipse will begin early on the morning of April 15 at approximately 2 a.m. EDT. If you have questions about the eclipse, this will be your chance! NASA astronomer Mitzi Adams and astrophysicist Alphonse Sterling will also answer questions in a live web chat, beginning on April 15 at 1 a.m. EDT and continuing through the end of the eclipse (approximately 5 a.m. EDT). The chat module will go live on this page at approximately 12:45 a.m. EDT. Convert to your local time here. A live Ustream view of the lunar eclipse will be streamed on this page on the night of the event, courtesy of Marshall Space Flight Center. The feed will feature a variety of lunar eclipse views from telescopes around the United States.

Notable Replies

  1. I always loved thinking about why the moon is red during an eclipse:

    During an eclipse of the moon, from the moon's perspective, we're eclipsing the sun. Much like when we look at the son during a solar eclipse, an astronaut on the moon wouldn't just see a black disk -- they'd see the sun shining from behind the earth.

    But, unlike the moon, we have an atmosphere, one known for creating brilliant sunrises and sunsets. And, in fact, this is what our astronaut on the moon would be seeing: surrounding the Earth, all the sunrises and all the sunsets in the world, in one thin, giant ring of fire, casting its red light on the moon.

  2. Watch the eclipse... online? Maybe if it's cloudy, but what a strange idea.

  3. You will have 3 more chances in the near future if you miss this one -- next one is in October...

  4. Well, the sky was too busy SNOWING IN FUCKING APRIL here for me to see it, so an opportunity to see it online was my only option. But I was too busy sleeping at that ungodly hour any way.

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