Monkey teaches man to crush leaves

[Video Link] Hopefully the monkey will teach him how to shoot video in landscape mode, too.

Notable Replies

  1. He hates these cans leaves!

  2. Why is it so hard for Craptube to simply allow portrait mode as a natural part of their standard narrow column layout, and the same for their crappy embedded player? Apart from crappy human
    idiocy in their design department? Vimeo doesn't have that problem.

  3. lava says:

    The monkey keeps looking over his shoulder to make sure his supervisor doesn't catch him pushing his work off on this big guy.

  4. And yet I'm sure that when your kid's school photos show up this year you'd be unhappy if they were in landscape orientation with an unneeded background filling 2/3 of the shot.

    Aspect ratios/orientation are a perfectly valid way to focus viewer attention and present a subject.

    An inability to auto-detect the largest dimension of a video and present it accordingly is an obvious technical failing.

  5. Clearly someone who can't even crush leaves right, can't be expected to hold a camera right.

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