"Mystery Pooper", "Hash Bash" front page stories in Ann Arbor

And now, the news from Lake Erie.

Yes, both these stories appeared on the front page on the same day, Friday, April 11.

Notable Replies

  1. doesn't "The Playground Pooper" have a better ring to it? They can't even think of good names for culprits these days.

    Yes this has to be intentional, because pooping on a slide can't be easy, not like launching an air log off the swings. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

  2. Oh sure, these are the stories you cherry pick from my local blog. confused

    Pro tip: If you live in Ann Arbor and your only source of local news is AnnArbor.com, then the only crime that happens, happens in Ypsilanti. Really, nowhere else. If you get your local news from the Observer, crime happens everywhere. Because it does. /rant

  3. The pooper is probably just an engineering student doing research on their waterless toilet design.

  4. For some people outside the Mitten, you can try to describe your town in relation to Lansing. For others, the only question is "how far from Detroit?" I have mixed feelings about Lake Erie being the new point of reference for something like Ypsi or Ann Arbor.

  5. What about the anonymous Good Samaritan who runs around in a cape and mask making sure all the slides are poop free? The Ypsilanti Mystery Super Pooper Scooper?

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