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  1. PhasmaFelis

    After reading more complete accounts, I'm not really sure why my school textbooks played up the Roanoke Colony as a mystery. We don't know exactly what happened because nobody bothered to fully investigate until long, long after, but what we do know is pretty clear: the colony, already hungry and deprived of resupply, had packed up in a cautious and orderly fashion with no sign of duress or violence and left the name of a nearby friendly native group carved in a post. Many years later, new settlers reported Native Americans with blond hair, blue eyes, some English words in their language, and family names matching the Roanoke roster. It's not hard to guess from there.

  2. churba

    Oh, it gets better. Guess what the first and most famous memorial constructed in Harold Holt's honor was?

    The Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Pool.

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