This Day in Blogging History: TODOCAT; Jokes from the Cultural Revolution; Mickey Mouse's dwindling brand

One year ago today
TODOCAT: a cat-meme-based to-do-list manager: I fucking hate cat memes, but I love to-do lists. I love this cat meme to-do list manager.

Five years ago today
Jokes from the Cultural Revolution: Wang Hongwen went to see Marshal Zhu De, requesting him to hand over power. "You may take over, but only if you can make this egg stand upright," Zhu said, while handling him an egg. After trying for several days, Wang was still unable to make it stand, so he went to see Deng Xiaoping for help.

Ten years ago today
Mickey Mouse's dwindling brand: Mr. Sendak is hardly alone in mourning the mouse's decline. "Boring," "embalmed," "neglected," "irrelevant," "deracinated" and, perhaps most damning, "over" are some of the adjectives that cropped up in recent interviews with people in the cartoon, movie and marketing businesses.