Adorable kittens, 9 days old, cry adorably and are available for adoption (video)


Happy Caturday. Ah, listen to this 9-day-old kitten's adorable squeals! Boing Boing pal Miles O'Brien was learning how to fly his camera drone with one hand after becoming one-handed. At the drone flying range near Washington, DC, a friend had a few 9-day old kittens hanging out on a blanket.

If you would like to adopt one of them, contact Nikki Driver at Nikki is a vet, so they're in good hands. She and the kittens are near Charlottesville, VA.

One of the 9-day old kitties getting some milk from a bottle.

One of the 9-day old kitties. Photo of Miles: Joe Moross.

Notable Replies

  1. They are incredibly cute, but I think that might be a cover. They appear to have broken Miles' nose.

  2. Pretty cat, pretty cat, why do you weep?

    I weep for humanity, you internet creep.

  3. They are much to young to be adopted. ASPCA says 8 to 10 weeks.
    *"The weaning process normally begins when kittens are around four weeks
    old, and is usually completed when they reach eight to ten weeks. If you
    are in charge of weaning an orphaned kitten, please remember that
    weaning should not be attempted at too early of an age. Generally, when a
    kitten’s eyes are open and able to focus, and he is steady on his feet,
    the introduction of solid food can safely begin."*

  4. I'm sure we'd all like to hear what their circumstances are. At 9 days old they're obviously not suitable for adoption and would be their mother. As they're being cared for by a vet it's clearly not a clueless owner, but a clarification would help prevent the inevitable comments.

  5. IMB says:

    My cat loves this. It makes her purr.

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