Mystery tool in my backyard

Found this today in a seldom-visited area of our backyard. Looks handmade, with a piece of tire on one end, a tape covered shaft, and a hook on the other end. No idea what it is.

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  1. A really old "water key" (used to shut off water at the curb of your house)?

  2. mtdna says:

    A foobar. Duh.

  3. Manhole, waterhole, etc.,-lifter-upper-thingie

  4. No idea, but obviously the former owner was left handed, and walked with a limp.

  5. A tool for lifting sewer caps and other heavy concrete covers for utilities. The black pad on the handle is to rest the palm of the hand against for leverage - looks like it was added later. Water meter keys are different and have prongs for turning the valve - this is just used to lift the covers.

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