Meta-dog barks at video of self

Video of a dog barking at herself barking at herself. On video. (via Laughing Squid)

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  1. miasm says:

    Correction, a cat would be like "Dude, don't even bother me with that bullshit, ok? Say, could you like, scratch your face off for me? That'd be swell. I gotta go shit in your shoes."

  2. You know what would totally mess up that dog? Put in about a 2-second delay. It freaks out humans, too. We did this with open-reel videotape in the 80s; words cannot describe how disorienting it is to see yourself as you were two seconds ago.

  3. Silas says:

    I am barking in a room different from the one you are in now.

  4. Hee Hee, back in the 90s we did it with Real Player which gives you latency of varying times. The results, because of the drastic compression, were psychedelic.

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