Stephen Colbert on David Letterman

Last night Stephen Colbert sat down with David Letterman. The conversation is fantastic.

I will dearly miss Letterman, however I haven't been regularly watching the show in years. I remember sneaking after my bedtime, as a young kid, to watch Dave and Paul in the early 80s. Hal Gurnee's network time killers changed my life.

I can not wait to see Colbert's version of the Late Show. I'm already a fan!

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  1. The selfie:

  2. dobby says:

    I do not claim to be pure, I sometimes watch TV with a DVB dongle or download shows when available; but I feel like BB is doing recaps on quite a few shows now. It used to be a TV or movie bit every few weeks and only for something amazing or shocking not a weekly serial. Before anyone flames I recognize that this is your(BB's) forum which I visit so due respect. This article for instance would be one of the ones that would have made BB three years ago.

  3. dobby says:

    Oh S#!T, I know about the onion story they did on me but they got my picture on the net too?!

  4. It's been more than a decade since I watched Letterman, mainly because I don't usually stay up that late (although when I do I always stay for Craig Ferguson, since I was a fan back when he was still Bing Hitler), but I have so many fond memories.

    One of my fondest goes way, way, way back to the early 1980's, the first time I saw Letterman. He did a parody of after school specials in which he helps a boy named Jimmy deal with the cancellation of Voyagers!

    That humor like this was making it onto TV was a revelation. Here's a little bit of it from Letterman's 1985 book:

    Colbert seems like the perfect inheritor of Letterman's legacy.

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