Great Moments in Pedantry: Fact-checking "Don't Fear the Reaper"


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  1. jandrese

    That doesn't work either unfortunately.

    About 1,000,000 Suicides annually, or about 2740/day. They're still off by a factor of 14.6.

  2. Ambiguity

    Geeze, isn't it obvious what they were referring to? 40320 is the smallest factorial that is not a highly composite number.

    And yes, they rounded, but for fuck's sake they were a rock band, not a band of mathematicians, so I'd say they NAILED IT!

  3. wardepartment

    Since this is a pedantic post, I will politely point out that it is spelled Blue Öyster Cult.

  4. phart

    Mitch Hedberg said, "I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too."

    So, to apply Mitch Hedberg logic to Blue Öyster Cult, 40,000 people die everyday. An additional 100,000 people die every day too, but 40,000 people DO die every day.

  5. chenille

    I'm enjoying the discussion over whether Blue Öyster Cult's words could have some special interpretation that fits with known statistics, or whether forty thousand was just a figurative way of saying a very large number. I think what we really need to complete the scene, though, is one person insisting that forty thousand is the literal value and so any figures that contradict it must be lies.

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