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  1. jungroth

    Allow me to nerd this up with some odds.

    4-5-6: 1/36
    Each Trips: 1/216
    Any Trips: 1/36
    Each Spare and a Pair: 5/72
    Any Spare and a Pair: 5/12
    1-2-3: 1/36
    Reroll: 1/2
    Five consecutive rerolls: 1/32

    Except for the five rerolls, these are the odds of rolling that combo an any one roll. You can get a close approximation for the possibility of having it on a turn by doubling the odds.

  2. SamSam

    It seems to me that this game would be far, far better if the player could chose to try again after they rolled a valid hand, on the chance of getting a better hand. If you roll again you lose your prior hand, and you lose after the fifth roll as before.

    This would make it a much more interesting game of statistics. If you a bad hand on your first roll you'd probably re-roll, but a good hand on your third you'd probably stick.

    I wonder why it isn't played like that.

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