Florida Man attempting to rob bank leaves behind job application form with username, password

Felipe Cruz mugshot, courtesy Pompano Beach, Florida police, via Sun-Sentinel.

A man tried to rob a Chase Bank in Pompano Beach, Florida on April 10. He selected a teller behind bulletproof glass who refused to give him money, and presented a robbery note with his demands: "Give me the 100s 50s 20s now. Do not set the alarm. Hurry!!!" When the teller rebuffed him, he ran away but left his stickup note behind.

His demands had been penned on the back of an online job application form, complete with the handwritten username of CRUZFELIPE36. It also included a password, Gioielli stated in a federal criminal complaint.
Police are still looking for Felipe Cruz.

Notable Replies

  1. I can see his point. Its really hard to get your application seen by a human these days.

  2. That explains why all the recent tweets from @CRUZFELIPE36 say stuff like "LOL I'M A STUPID A-HOLE AND NOW IM IN JAIL!!1!!!"

  3. I'm not sure which is worse, this guy, or the fact that the cops are still looking for him..

  4. Perspective, ladies and gentlemen.

    This fine man has passed a creative job interview. He has show that he can rob a bank, let everybody know it was him and not get caught by the police.

    You are looking at it´s new CEO. One great applause for his new banker career!

    Congratulations Sr Cruz!

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