Unboxing a Makie doll

I just spent ten delightful minutes watching this vlog in which Pixie Blossom unboxes her new, custom, 3D printed Makie doll. She ordered one of the last, limited run of green-skinned dolls, and specified that it be only lightly decorated so that she could give it a total makeover. The result, presented with contagious glee in the final act, is a great testament to her creativity and the idea of giving people toys that are intended to be remade by their owners.

The video was a hit in our household because my wife, Alice Taylor, is the CEO and founder of Makielab, where the Makie dolls come from.

Notable Replies

  1. I like how she references the character-creation interfaces of Dragon Age and Skyrim, and would hope that it's in the Makie's business plan to do 3-d printing as tie-ins for RPGs. Promote an open spec blueprint for 3-d printing, and what not, and allow people who play games print their own avatars.

    I'd love to have a bobblehead of my ObamaShep.

  2. Horrifying. This video needs shimmery violas playing diminished chords.

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