Canada in decline

The Harper regime has dealt blow after blow to the values Canada holds dear: environmental responsibility, humanitarianism, fairness, transparency, and pluralism. But when you see it all laid out in one devastating indictment, it's still jarring. The fact that this indictment appears in a sober-sided journal like The Lancet only makes the barbs sink deeper. O, Canada.

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  1. Oil wealth can turn anyone rotten.

  2. Kimmo says:

    History will see this sort of shit for the infantile decadence it is.

    Shame about our contemporaries...

  3. We need to get rid of these clowns... fast.

  4. More or less doing exactly what those of us who voted and fought against them every election said they would do.

    And yet many people still pick their vote based on the color of a candidate's tie or some other brainfoam. I despair for our species, and more specifically I despair for our country.

  5. I just passed my citizenship exam. Hopefully I will be sworn in as a newly minted Canadian in time for the next election!

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