Former NSA head Keith Alexander interviewed by John Oliver

On "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver," a new HBO show starring the former Daily Show contributor, an interview with General Keith Alexander. There are a number of really weird and interesting thing about this interview with the former head of the US National Security Administration, one of which is that it was a hell of a lot more hard-hitting than an earlier interview with Alexander by "60 Minutes."
Alexander: I am the biggest advocate of freedom of the networks, the internet. If we could come up with a way of segregating all the terrorist communications, it would really help us, and civil liberties and privacy....There was a great statement by someone, all the bad guys need to be on this section of the internet and they only operate over here, and all good people operate over here.

Oliver: You mean Pinterest?

And the other is this.

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Notable Replies

  1. That was great, he really eased into that one.

  2. 0:56 seconds in, the Freudian slip: "The tru.. er, the reality is, the target is not the American people."

  3. If getting Alexander to echo 'Trevor' like that was deliberate, it had to be a Mighty Boosh homage.

  4. Oliver sets up a hilarious trap. I'm paraphrasing here:

    Q. What would you like Edward Snowden to know, other than a lot less?

    A. I'd sit him down and show him all the damage he's done.

    Q. So you'd share classified information with the one man most likely to leak it. Can you understand why people question your judgment?

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