Konrad's "Evil," rare 1982 outsider synthpop reissued

Konrad evil600

Konrad's "Evil" is a scarce 1982 private press LP of strange and curiously compelling bedroom electronic music infused with far out fantasies (realities?) of UFOs, synchronicities, and quantum weirdness. But who was Konrad? Crate digger Jeff Hassett of the Waxidermy blog found out when, after reviewing Evil on his site, Konrad posted a comment and revealed himself as Idaho resident Barry Konarik. As a result, this outsider masterpiece is being reissued on a high-quality vinyl pressed from the original and restored master tapes. The limited first edition will also include a bonus 45 of three additional tracks. It's yet another lovely package from Ethereal Sequence, the label founded by Douglas Mcgowan, producer of the stunning I Am The Center new age compilation previously reviewed here. Konrad's Evil comes home to roost on June 10. Above, a brief interview with Konrad and below, one of the album tracks.

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