Orikaso: folding, cheap, amazing polypropylene flat-pack dinnerware

Orikaso is a line of super-cheap, incredibly durable, brilliantly conceived flat-pack plates, cups and bowls, created by Jay Cousins (here's his blog). They're made out of super-durable, long-lived, environmentally sound polypropylene. Folding them takes bare seconds, and once folded, they stay folded and are perfectly water-tight. They unfold in seconds, and are (theoretically -- I haven't tested this) top-shelf dishwasher safe. My favorite piece is the cup, which has lots of grace-notes, like metric volume measurements on both side and imperial on the other, and a handle that's so clever I actually giggled the first time I used it. The whole thing is basically a magic-trick.

For years now, I've been looking for a collapsible travel-cup that can be used with an Aeropress (part of my quest for total hotel-room coffee independence) and now, at last, I've found one. I just made an Aeropress in the Orikaso cup and it worked perfectly.

Did I mention that Orikaso is cheap? It's cheap: a plate/bowl/cup set is £1.99; a double-set (two plates, bowls and cups) is £2.99. You can get 'em in red, green or blue.

Every one of our suitcases is going to get a set of these zipped into the lining, just in case, and I'm going to add a cup to my backpack for everyday use.

Bowl and cup unfolded

Cup, unfolded

Cup, folded

Cup with Aeropress

Bowl, unfolded

Bowl, folded

(Thanks, Vinay!)

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  1. dobby says:

    Cory, can they really take a full weight Aeropress press?
    I usually put my full upper body weigh(~100kg total) on my press, so for instance a Swedish Army fold-a-cup wont work.
    This would still be a cool container for getting the right water temp even if I still schlep a ceramic cup for the final product.

  2. Aye, there's the rub.

    Even if they can take the heat, organizing cups and glasses around them would be interesting.

    Still, by definition, these would be used on trips, not while one is at home with all the comforts of a full kitchen.

  3. Polypropylene is amazing stuff.

  4. I've used one of the bowls for about 8 years and quite a few hikes, probably 500 - 750 miles of backpacking and backcountry skiing. Two John Muir Trail hikes. It works great. Super easy to pack, and unfolding it flat makes it super easy to clean out with snow.

    I was worried about durability but mine is still going strong.

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