Winners of the Webby Awards 2014!

Webby award 01Our friends at The Webby Awards have announced this year's recipients! As they do every year, The Webby Awards 2014 celebrates well-known big sites and also fantastic indie operations I've never heard of before but look terrific. And special congratulations to BB pal Lawrence Lessig who received a "Webby Lifetime Achievement" award! In my favorite category, "Weird," the Webby went to The .GIFYs.

Notable Replies

  1. Webby Awards 2014 sponsored by Microsoft Internet Explorer: your entire awards program is invalid.

  2. I feel like these are so only a handful of companies are doing anything interesting on the internet?

  3. I looked at the website for a minute or two, but the navigation in Firefox was so janky and confusing that I closed it. The irony is delicious.

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