Genderswapped Boba Fett cosplayer

A cosplayer at C2E2 stops and poses in her elegant, gender-swapped Boba Fett getup. She's the kind of bounty hunter our galaxy needs!

The Great Pit of Carkoon has been good to you, Ms. Fett. #StarWars #C2E2

(Image: theapexfan)

(via Neatorama)

Notable Replies

  1. How do we know the original Fett was male? I'm not much of a trekkie, but I don't remember anything specific in the movie.

  2. Ooo boy. I don't know where to start.

  3. JonS says:

    Teddy bear, you just got nerd-sniped.

  4. Not just gender-swapped, but role swapped as well. Except for the helmet nothing suggests that this is a bounty hunter.

  5. "She's the kind of bounty hunter our galaxy needs!"

    The kind that can't be killed by a blind man with a stick?

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