Humble Image Bundle: name your price for Walking Dead, Saga, Chew and more; benefit CBLDF too!

The latest Humble Bundle teams up with DRM-free indie comics leader Image Comics, offering nine digital titles from Image on a name-your-price basis. You can also divert some or all of your payment to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a vital free speech organization that helps comics publishers, creators and sellers who face censorship and even jail for daring to create cutting-edge media.

The bundle includes some of my favorite comics, including the comics version of The Walking Dead (even better than the TV show); the spectacular Saga (a delightfully unhinged effort from Brian Vaughan, who also created Y: The Last Man); and the genuinely demented Chew.

As with all the Humble Bundles, the Image Bundle is an object lesson in the trustworthiness of audiences, and the value of giving people what they want at an unarguably fair price (since you get to name your own) with a creator-friendly deal that lets readers and creators connect more directly than ever before in publishing history. I just bought in!

Humble Image Comics Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)

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  1. I'm usually a huge fan of HIB and I'll often get them for myself or buy them as a gift even if I'm not particularly interested, just to support the cause. But I find this particular bundle far less generous; instead of a collection of fully playable games, or hundreds of pages of books, this is really just a bunch of volumes #1, each of which collects the first few issues of the comic. That's like getting a game with IAP, or only getting the first chapter of a book, as I see it. If these were full graphic novels I'd be buying it instantly. Instead I feel like it's a bit of a sham - a loss leader presented by the comic authors instead of being a real contribution.

    I don't know - I'm not a huge comic reader or anything, so maybe I'm "out of the demo" or I'm thinking of it wrong. I just don't see spending even $15 just to get a sampler of comics that I'll have to pay another $10 each for subsequent volumes.

  2. Yes. But Image are terrible. (Yes I know... as a statement "Image are Terrible" is grammatically atrocious, but then, so is everything now). Free rubbish.

  3. ;-(

    I like Chew and Lazarus.

  4. It wasn't a personal insult. I am glad you like what you like. No offence intended.

    Edit: This (my comment) comes under the heading "Statements of Opinion Without Qualification" which seems common - see this. My reasoning is purely personal. In the 1990's Image Comics did nothing to support the wealth of small press/underground comics (for which I was a firebrand) and in fact were a negative influence on that, flooding the market with bogus issue ones (not that Marvel and DC weren't doing the same) and Mylar bagged exclusives, pandering to a strange market of collectors, at the expense of space in each comic shop and thus, by extension, space in comics publisher's minds, that could have been available for homegrown comics talent. This corporate fodderstomping at the time left me with an enduring disapproval, and it is going to take a lot more than this phony display of altruism to convince me they have changed their tune.

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