NY Times Verbatim: What is a photocopier?

This fantastic short film dramatically re-enacts an incredible court scene. Watch through to the end. It is worth it.

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  1. it's definitely one of those "not sure if trolling or stupid" situations, especially given how the actor/director presented it (which I liked.) But IRL? oh yeah, I bet he was trolling.

  2. Legal Context (from Lowering the Bar):

    County is allowed by law charge "$2/photocopy" for copying records. County translates "per photocopy" to "per file" for computer records and charges $100K for burning a CD. Suit is brought. Lawyer is trying to get county guy to admit that he knows darn well that a computer isn't what the law, or any common language, means when it refers to a "photocopy" machine.

  3. also, on a more relevant note...

    would the photocopier be legal if invented today? likely not. it is a device that enables "pirates" to easily "steal" copyrighted works, by copying the pages of books and magazines. That is how out of perspective the political lobbies of the media corporations have managed to push things.

    likewise when cassette tapes and vcr's were invented they were created so that you could make and own a copy of any audio or video. all modern devices of a similar nature are very careful to couch their intended purpose in delayed viewing, they are time delay viewing mechanisms.

    quite sad really.

  4. I used to do legal transcriptions for a living. I have a real strong suspicion that this guy isn't pig-ignorant or trolling for fun. He's playing a legal game, probably on the advice of his lawyer. I've heard shorter and far less awesome examples of this kind of bizarre behavior first-hand, and I've transcribed entire cassettes full of nothing but people discussing, say, what exactly constitutes a "curb stomping". smile

  5. So check this out. In 2011, Boing Boing posted about the deposition this is based on.

    I saw that post, and told my wife. She thought it would make great theatre.

    Three years later, she directed a short piece based on this deposition, using the text verbatim except for changing the gender of one of the characters, and one or two other tiny things. It was performed just a few weeks ago (March 28/29/30 in Freehold Theatre's Studio Series (see THE DEPOSITION OF LAWRENCE PATTERSON here)). It was great!

    Barely one month later, this film comes out. Weird.

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