Possible food poisoning at Food Safety Summit


More than 100 people reportedly fell ill with food poisoning while attending a high-profile Food Safety Summit in Baltimore, Maryland. The 1,300 attendees included representatives from the Food and Drug Administation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Tyson, McDonald's, and many more agencies and food companies. (NBC News)

Notable Replies

  1. Hey, we're Baltimore. We put the "harm" in Charm City.

  2. Spoiler Alert - GMOs had nothing to do with it.

    Now "irony" would be a gathering of anti-GMO activists laid low by salmonella in the organic salad.

  3. See Alanis Morissette? this is how you do irony.

  4. That stupid song made me come up with scenarios where the lyrics would actually be ironic.

    Like the guy is a professional cloud seeder and his wedding is tomorrow but a storm front is coming though, so he seeds the clouds to get them to rain early for a clear wedding. Then he miscalculates and instead causes the clouds that would have otherwise just passed overhead to rain on his wedding day instead.

  5. Actually no, IIRC correctly none of those situations were actually ironic. Although it might be ironic to do a song about irony and get it wrong.

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