This Day in Blogging History: Catching terrorists isn't "connecting the dots"; Food and sugar-cube equivalents; Senator Franken?

One year ago today
Why "connecting the dots" is the wrong way to think about stopping terrorism: As Bruce points out, it's only in hindsight that there's a neat trail of dots to connect, a narrative we can make sense of. Before the fact, it's a hairy, swirling hotchpotch of mostly irrelevancies, and it's only the "narrative fallacy" that makes it seem like a neat story in retrospect.

Five years ago today
Photos of food and their sugar-cube equivalent: Photos of different kinds of food (both processed and natural) showing how much sugar is in the the food by displaying a stack of 4 gram sugar cubes next to the item.

Ten years ago today
Senator Franken? Al Franken is thinking about running for the Senate.