"She flung her anus high up in the air..." and other OCR mistakes

"So if the text is old, and it says 'arms', the OCR [optical character recognition] scanner will see it as 'anus.' OMG," Wendell tweeted. (She was referring to optical character recognition, the process by which printed texts can be scanned and converted into ebooks.)" -- Guardian: Scanner for ebook cannot tell its 'arms' from its 'anus'

Notable Replies

  1. Mrs. Tipton went over to him and put her anus around his neck.

    They just need to uncheck the Burroughsification box in the ocr software.

  2. Well this just casts doubt on my entire google books education about French Large-bore breech-loading Fire-anus.

  3. keming - result of bad kerning

  4. This may require a re-reading of the second amendment.

  5. Christ what an asshole.

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