Tales of Pirx the Pilot, classic scifi by Stanislaw Lem


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  1. nothingsm0nstrd

    More Tales might be even better than the first book. Over his career, Pirx's bumbling determination becomes humble competence. And great stories.

    The Cyberiad is even better.

  2. NickyG

    The Futurological Congress is amazing, and Solaris is, well, Solaris. Lem is the bomb sad I've almost never seen his books in stores, seeing as how we was a major force in science fiction in the 20th Century.

  3. Breaker

    About the cover arts: I like consistency in layout among US and British editions (though covers differ for the same books.) There does not seem to be any consistency in Polish (original) versions. I hope someday someone will gather all the cover arts for Lem's books in one album.

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