This Day in Blogging History: London cops do a "terrorist" search every 3 mins; Blogs to be legally classed as weapons; Songs the Cramps covered

One year ago today
London cops catch and search a potential terrorist every three minutes: That's a lot of potential terrorists! I'm sure glad they've all been made to turn out their pockets and surrender their dignity. That'll show 'em! Stupid suicide bombers.

Five years ago today
Your Blog is a Weapon? A bill proposed by Rep. Linda T. Sanchez and 14 others that could make it a federal felony to use your blog, social media like MySpace and Facebook, or any other web media "To Cause Substantial Emotional Distress Through "Severe, Repeated, and Hostile" Speech."

Ten years ago today
Songs the Cramps covered: These (screamingly expensive, hard-to-find) discs consist of nothing but originals of songs that Cramps later covered, including classics like "The Crusher," "Goo-Goo Muck" and "Her Love Rubbed Off."