Celebrate the Day Against DRM with 50% off O'Reilly ebooks and videos

Sara from O'Reilly writes, "Can we stop DRM here, 'fight tooth and nail to keep DRM out of web browsers '[as] a quarantine measure?' as Jeremy Keith suggests? Can we hit the pause button on efforts to lock down everything that might ever be for sale? Or will we find out just how toxic DRM can be when it's far too late? While we continue to remind folks of the ineffectiveness of DRM, it's ultimately up to you to take a stand. Together, we can take back those keys. In celebration of DRM free day save 50% on all 8000+ ebooks & videos from oreilly.com."

In Celebration of *Day Against DRM* (Thanks, Sara!)

Notable Replies

  1. Typo in headline.

    What if I want the whole books? I don't really just want to read 50% of the book. Is it the front 50% or back 50%?

    Or is it 50% OFF?

  2. The actual date would be useful.

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