Galileo, a robotic 360deg panhead for bluetooth iPhones


This Galileo robotic 360 deg panhead is a powerful tool that helps artists with iPhones create beautiful images. It's compact and pretty darn durable. I am still trying to master it.

I've tried a number of apps, and TimeLapse by is clearly the best. They frequently update the software and each time they do, it improves dramatically. That said, I haven't had the patience to figure out how to set duration, fps, pan and tilt to get the effects I want. Other apps largely disappointed me, and seemed to treat the Galileo more like a toy than a tool for making interesting images.

I am sure people will use these tools to create incredible images, Below is a quick capture that shows you what the head can do (Hi, Nemo!). I also have other failed attempts.

I've carried the Galileo in my camera bag and backpack for 2 months now. It has been to Ireland, the U.K. and all over Northern California by motorcycle and foot. You can certainly hike it into some dramatic locations and it'll hold up. I'll try to offer updates over time, as I learn it (if.) Make sure to note if you need a bluetooth or 30pin version. So far no Android support but I think bluetooth would solve that.

Galileo Bluetooth Robotic Platform for iOS Devices